The Man

What is Preston's Last Ride about?

Preston was an extraordinary person who only lived 29 years.  But he was able to cram a whole lot of life into that short time.  To see how he touched many peoples lives please visit CaringBridge.Org.

Preston Loved Motorcycling
Preston took his first motorcycle ride on this 1975 Sportster.
Preston loved Alaska
Two months after graduating from High School, Preston joined AmeriCorps and worked for Nine Star Education & Employment Services in Anchorage.  We drove up the Alaska Highway and drove back a year later.
Crossing from Yukon Territory to Alaska
He bought his first motorcycle, a BMW R85, after he returned from Alaska.  He had had it only a few months when he completed the Iron Butt Association SaddleSore 1000; 1000 miles by motorcycle within 24 hours.
Pecos, Texas - About halfway

On his way to a job interview he thought it would be a good idea to ride to the top of Pike's Peak.
Here he is at the local motorcycle wash.