Thursday, June 16, 2011

Running Behind

I seem to be running behind my plans so I may not make SLC when I wanted to.  Oh, well.
Today was short (550 miles) due to a combination of very bad roads mixed with very cold and bad rain.  That was just the last 100 miles, so the rest of the day was pretty good. 

Joan says I can't go anywhere without meeting someone I have a connection with.  In 2003, in Haines Junction, YT, which I just passed through, I met a man that worked with my dad.  In the restaurant tonight, I met an Air Force veteran who knew a man I worked with at DPS.

Some things I saw:

This is where I had to stop and use the gas can.  The gas station I was planning on was closed.  I think fuel management is the most difficult part of riding a motorcycle on The Highway.
Me, riding a motorcycle in Yukon Territory.

100 miles from Alaska
I had to stop to say hello to a fellow Uralista because there are so few of us.  This is Norm from Spokane.  I am sad to say we are on the same mission but with different destinations.

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  1. Dave, this is Norm with the orange Ural. It was nice meeting you last evening. What a surprise it was.

    You and I are members of an elite club, a club whose membership we never aspired to, that of being a father who has lost an adult son.

    May Preston RIP.