Are your from Hondo, Texas?
I hail from Fort Worth.  Hondo has been my nickname since Junior High.  That name has been taken by others on internet forums so I use HondoTX.

Why are you blogging this event?
Preston had a worldwide web of friends; from school, school bus driving, emergency management, and motorcycling.  This is the one medium that can bring this information to everyone who may want to see it.
Thoughout his ordeal, Preston stayed connected with his worldwide friends.
WiFi'ed up with an iPhone at the ready at M.D. Anderson, Houston, TX
What is your motorcycle riding experience?
I bought my first motorcycle in 1975 in England and have ridden over 280,000 miles since.  I was awarded the BMW 200,000 mile award last year.  For 12 years I was a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor.  I have ridden in four countries, 49 states, and four provinces.  I started the Chase the Sun Across Texas Summer Solstice Ride in 1993 - Louisiana to New Mexico from sunrise to sunset.  Through the years I've owned a Norton Interstate, H-D Sportster, Honda CT110, BMW: R100RT, K100RS, R1100GS, R1100RT. I currenlty have a BMW R1200GS and a URAL Patrol 
Somewhere between Longview and Austin I completed 200,000 miles on BMW motorcycles.  I was on a 450 mile trip to have lunch with friends.

But this ride could be pretty hard.  What about that?
I have received the Iron Butt Association SaddleSore 1000 and Bun Burner 1500 awards.  In 2003 I rode from Austin, TX to Arctic Circle, Alaska in 6 days 19 hours.  Only 90 people have completed the Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge, but I think I can do it.
Austin to Arctic Circle
6 days 19 hours.
Will you be camping?
After 10 to 12 hours in the saddle I don't like to camp.  I prefer a hot shower and a soft bed.  However, I will be taking emergency shelter and supplies just in case.

What if you have trouble?
I have an internet support team at the ready.  Brad, Mike, and Frank, Preston's friends from Adventure Rider will be at the ready to send help.  ADV has over 100,000 worldwide members and they are very helpful to their ADV brethren.  (And I have an AAA card.)
What kind of sound system do you have?
Just the voices in my head with full orchestra.  Motorcycling takes a lot of attention if you want to stay alive.  I find sound systems distracting.

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