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2007 BMW R1200GS
I bought this bike new from Lonestar BMW / Triumph Motorcycles in Austin, TX the last day of 2006.  It had 9 miles on it then and will start the trip with about 48,000 miles.

Action Photo by Preston
Farkle Suppliers and the Farkles * :
Aeroflow - Windscreen
Cee Bailey's - Headlight Guard
Micatech  - Pilot Cases
Garmin - GPSmap 376C
Alaska Leather - Butt Pad
Woody's Wheel Works - Rear Wheel Build
Best Rest Products - BeadBrakr, Air Pump
Touratech USA - Hard Part LA, Throttle POT Guard, Large Sidestand Foot
machineartmoto Avant 12, MudSling MAX
Ram Mounting Systems - GPS Mounts
Spot - SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

[See where I am: SpotWalla ]

Rider Accessories:
Aerostich - Darien Jacket and Pants, Combat Lite Boots.

These Italian Motorcycle Boots, Combat Lites from Aerostich, are replacing . . .
. . . these Justin Ropers with 80,000+miles and three resoles on them.
Seen here at about 70mph.


By trip's end, this will have killed 10,000 bugs
 Headlight Guard
When I bought the bike I installed a Wire Mesh guard, but with the addition of the windwscreen I had to take it off.  This is aircraft grade acrylic.

Pilot Cases
Throttle Potentiometer Guard
SPOT II Messenger
Homemade Oil Cooler Guard
Butt Pad
Avant 12 and MudSling MAX

I know from experience that it's going to be a wet, muddy ride.  These will really help keep the calcium chloride out of the nooks and crannies and boots and pants.  I think my old R1100GS still has Haul Road Mud in it.

This MudSling MAX, rear fender extension, is the first one sold.  It is a new design to be compatible with the Micatech box mounts.  Machineartmoto made sure I got this in time for the trip - it's not even advertised yet.  mamo - Good company.

Brand new Metzeler Tourance

Unfortunately, these tires will need to be replaced in four weeks.  I'm trying Dyna Beads for the first time instead of lead weights on the rims.  I hope they work.

Rear Wheel Build

It's not a farkle, but a couple of months ago I was riding to work at O-dark-thirty and hit some chunks of concrete in the road at 45mph.  I bought a new rim and shipped it and the old wheel to Woody's and a couple of days later I had the newly built wheel.  They also did a complete spoke replacement on the URAL's pusher wheel.

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