The Ride

Iron Butt Association
Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge - Key West to Prudhoe Bay within 30 days.

Two Items on Preston's Bucket List were to ride his motorcycle to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and to Key West, Florida.  The map show the general route I will be taking.  However, the route is subject to change without notice.  Real location information is at SpotWalla.

General Route and Stops
(Subject to change)
Key West
Atlanta area
Fort Nelson

The Return

I have not determined my route back other than it will include Salt Lake City, Utah.  There I will catch the summer tour finale of The Wesley Bell Ringers.  They will be touring at the same time I will be and can be seen at BlogSpot, too.  I was a member of the choir from 1969-1972 and also toured around the US and Canada.  Several years ago I started riding to at least one concert on their summer tour.  My longest trip to see them was Idaho Falls, ID.   Preston started coming with me and decided to make it an annual event for himself, too.  We rode to a concert in Dallas, TX one year, and to Waverly, NE (near Lincoln) another.  The director is an old (very old) friend of mine.